CIRCE Magazine


CIRCE Magazine was started by university students, with the goal to create a space to represent youth creativity in the local art community. We hope to create a space that will showcase a diverse range of works, be it photography, fine art, prose, poetry, or music, to a broad audience. Our goal is to build a community and promote growth, increasing youth involvement and impact in the creative spheres.


Issue one will be in support of Change for Children, an organization which for 45 years has run a huge variety of programs within Canada and the global south to support their mission of promoting health, human rights, and solutions to poverty through sustainable development. Change for Children and CIRCE are united by the mentality that the voices of youth need to be protected and bolstered in the global community. 


Our team is small, but the CIRCE community is anything but. We are beyond thankful for the support we have received over the last few months and are thrilled to continue this journey with you. 

Find us on Instagram: @circemag